Why you should choose Council on Aging!

Our Mission

Support seniors living at home, for as long as they remain safe and healthy. We nurture body, mind and spirit by helping to overcome physical barriers, enhancing mental acuity, and befriending our clients.

Our Vision

Provide leadership and direction as Elkhart County seeks to meet the needs of an increasingly older population.

Our Values

  • A high quality of life for older adults and believes all program experiences contribute to that goal.

  • Community, and prioritize effective partnerships with various community entities. We believe these partnerships result in synergy that both enhances experience of all program participants and improves the community.

  • Diversity, and believes success depends on the agency’s ability to be inclusive and assure the availability of comprehensive programs and services to all populations.

  • Fiscal soundness, by becoming a self-sustaining non-profit endeavor.

  • Staff - Provision of well-qualified, motivated staff is imperative for ensuring that the agency fulfills its mission.

  • Excellence, by being the provider of choice for older adults in enrichment and social experiences.