Our Wish List

Through the generosity of our community, the Council on Aging of Elkhart County has made a difference in the lives of many senior citizens.  We rely on donations from individuals to provide our seniors with the care they need.  By donating items listed on this page, your support helps us fulfill requests made by seniors and their families as well as manage the business processes that are instrumental in serving our clients needs.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to support our mission, please visit our donate page here.

Items or cash to purchase donated items can be dropped off at our office.  We are open Monday – Friday 8 AM until 4:30 PM.

 Need directions?  Click here!


Please consider donating some of the following items:


$50 for items such as:

  • 8 oz. foam coffee cups

  • French vanilla powder coffee creamer

  • Hazelnut powder coffee creamer


$50 for items such as:

  • Copy paper

  • White out

  • Black/Blue Pens



$50 for items such as:

  • Floor cleaner

  • Trash bags, kitchen size and large black

  • Dishwashing Soap

Initial Need:

$85 for items such as:

  • Mop & Refills

  • Broom & Dust Pan

  • Light bulbs