Adopt a Senior

Forty people.

It doesn’t sound like that many, does it? OK, look at it like this: These 40 people are your neighbors. They could be your friends, parents, or grandparents.
And they need your help.

The Council on Aging of Elkhart County offers a variety of services to senior citizens in our community. One of them is transporting seniors to medical appointments. This service is so important to the elderly that we have a waiting list of 40 people wanting to use it. Unfortunately, our current funding levels make it impossible to expand this program to meet the need.

Through our new Sponsor A Senior program, you can help. For $50 a month, you can provide a senior citizen with round-trip, Council on Aging-provided transportation to and from doctor visits.
What about their families, you ask? Can’t they help? In many cases, grown children have moved far away, or are too busy taking care of their own kids to assist their aging parents as much as they’d like. Through Sponsor A Senior, you can get someone to where they urgently need to be.

Dependable transportation is crucial. Here at the Council on Aging, we’ve heard story after story of doctors dropping older folks as patients because they’ve cancelled too many appointments. In many cases, the cancellations were due to patients not being able to get a ride, or because a promised ride fell through. We can’t let that happen to our seniors, and with your help, it won’t.
Are there other public transportation options available for less? Well, yes – but they don’t do what we do.

For one thing, the Council on Aging is the only “door to door” transportation provider for the elderly in Elkhart County. Other providers stick to a set route, or will only pick people up at the curb “If we drop someone off at the hospital and they need to get to the third floor, we’re taking them to the third floor,” said David Toney, CEO of the Council on Aging. Our drivers are held to the highest standards. They have to meet a list of requirements every two years, and are trained in first aid. They also know exactly how to secure wheelchair-bound passengers in our vehicles.

If you can only Sponsor A senior for a month, great. If you can contribute more for a longer period of time, better yet. The level of commitment is up to you. For whatever you can give, we say thank you. And so do the seniors we serve.

We at the Council on Aging love what we do. It’s an honor to provide needed services to the people who made Elkhart County what it is today. They’ve worked, raised families, and paid taxes. They’ve served their community, and in many cases served their country in the military. They helped out when and where they could, and now they need some help, too.

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